God bless you Yalanda

God bless you Yalanda even though we lost our precious Baby Roo I will never forget your kindness you called the next day to check in on her and sent prayers! I have shared this experience with family and friends to let them know about this amazing service! Bless you and thank you!

Connie Price

A True Blessing

DeJohn Pet Services provides me the gift to be the arch of transition for pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I deal with pet loss every day and in many circumstances, family’s are unable to bring their pet to me and they would like me to take their pet into my care at their home or a veterinary office. when I am unable to pick their pet up myself, I would trust no one else other than Squad FiftyOne. I know their level of professionalism and compassion to the family when taking a pet into their care. My families have expressed to me how “wonderful, caring and compassionate” Yalanda, owner of Squad FiftyOne, and her staff is. When dealing with pet loss, you only want the best to care for your beloved furry family member and having Squad FiftyOne as a partner, is a true blessing. Thank you for all you do for pets and their family’s….Thank you for being you!

Sherri DiPietro


Wonderful service and much needed in our area. I will share and spread the word. This is such an amazing service !!!!

Amy P. Beam
Amy's Adoptables

Service was a Lifesaver

After my American Bulldog accidentally ingested human medication, I found myself in a serious bind. The ASPCA Poison Control telephone line deemed it necessary that I take her to a vet, yet my one-car-family did not have a vehicle at home to get her there. Our vet recommended I call Squad FiftyOne and that became the perfect solution to my scary dilemma! Yalanda was very helpful over the phone in arranging transportation and arrived in a timely manner. After my dog’s appointment, she returned for the drive home in a similar fashion. Her service was a LIFESAVER and without it, I might not have been able to get the medical treatment necessary for my dog, which would have had serious consequences. Thank you, Yalanda & Squad FiftyOne!!!!

Rachel Stolley Gray

We Will Always Be Grateful

Just want to thank you kindly for the oxygen tank last night. Happy to report our kitty made it there because of you! You saved his life since he had to be out of the Lorain clinic by closing time. Thank you so very much; we’ll always be grateful!

Melissa H.

Love and Commitment

The most important part of my experience is the need for someone who understands your love and commitment for your animal(s), especially when there is an emergency. Yalanda provided that and much more. I thought that my first glance at Casper when he was hurt was the worst day of my life, yet I can look back at that period with a smile and breath of fresh air because of the care, the time, the knowledge and compassion were all in sync when I needed it the most. Squad Fifty-One is ONE OF A KIND in Northeast Ohio, and Yolanda and her staff should not just be applauded, but supported both on social media and by word of mouth.
I can assure you I am doing my part. With much gratitude, Robyn, Casper and Mr. Independent!

Robyn Desmond

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