Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Now that summer is in full swing, its important to know how to keep your pets safe during the season and how to beat the heat. So below are a few tips to help ensure a safe and happy summer for your pets.

1. Know the signs of heatstroke. Keep your eyes peeled for excessive painting, weakness, drooling, lethargy, vomiting, bright red gums, rapid heartbeat, and seizures (see chart above).
2. NEVER EVER leave your animal in a hot car. Even with the windows cracked, the inside of a car heats up rapidly. When it is hot, LEAVE YOUR PET AT HOME. (see chart below)


3. Don’t forget the sunscreen and have your dog wear clothes. Dogs that are white, hairless, or with light colored fur are most likely to suffer from sunburn.
4. Exercise your dog during the cooler hours of the day such as early morning or evening. The intense heat of midday will overwhelm your dog. Have plenty of water with you.
5. Prevent overheating with breaks out of the sun into the shady every 20 minutes or less. Take plenty of water.
6. Use dog booties to prevent burns and blisters. Do not walk your dong on hot surfaces such as pavement, concrete, wood, stone, metal, and sand. Stand on the surface in your bare feet or place the back of your hand on the surface, if it is too hot for you, it is too hot for your dog.
7. Keep your dog hydrated. Refill your dog’s water bowl more than usual on hot days. Add ice cubes to cool down your pet and prevent vomiting.

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