We need more people like Yolanda and services like this!

My dog Nemo was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension a few weeks back. Unfortunately, on a Sunday, he had an episode and knowing I did not want him to be in pain anymore decided it was time to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge. This day it was snowing, and the streets were bad. It was Sunday so only the hospitals were open. I previously read about this service and Yolanda’s story the first-time nemo collapsed in my home thinking who do I call? That day I drove him to Medvet, crying the whole way, speeding and not caring if I got pulled over or ran a light. When I read Yolanda’s story it was so similar to mine it was scary. So, this time I decided to called Squad 51 to help me, and my baby get to the hospital so he would not suffer anymore. Yolanda answered the phone and I told her what was going on. She made it happen that an ambulance would be there within the hour, even though the roads were not great coming from Cleveland to Stow. She also let me and my friend ride in the ambulance because I explained I had no one to be there with me to help me through this hard time. I cannot believe the service Yolando gave to me and how she was very empathetic and worked with me. I would highly recommend this service. She came through in my time of need and unprecedented circumstances that occurred on a Sunday. I highly believe there needs to be more services like this closer to other counties, Summit being one. I am such an animal advocate that what Yolando created was the best thing she could have done for our fur babies. I am really grateful to her and her team which includes Nicole who gave my baby oxygen on the way and talked with me to help me know I was making the right decision. Nemo was 15.5 and lived a wonderful life. Thank you to Squad 51! I only can pray and hope they expand and help out others in their time of need. If you need anything I would be proud to help in any aspect of expanding the company. This was a blessing and cannot thank Yolanda enough for what she did.

Shannon Iaus

Exceptional Service

My canine companion needed transportation to the Veterinarian. The professionalism, compassion, and knowledge of the ladies who provided this service is exceptional. I highly recommend this service as a much better choice than risking injury to a dog in need of care.

MaryAnn Wiedl

Extremely Caring

Transported my Raven in distress. Raven had lung surgery they were extremely friendly caring and informative

Marsha Malena-Crowl

Unsung Heroes

I want to thank squad 51 for there kind and compassionate help Sunday with our 160lbs max with an attitude.without your help we could not have gotten him to west park. Although max didn’t make it it was because of you and your team he is in a better place. You and your team are some of today’s unsung heroes . Thank you

David Babjak

Fabulous, Caring and Professional

Fabulous, caring, professional people! They came and helped us with our 100+lb Rottie. She broke her leg and couldn’t move. Turns out she had cancer and her bones were brittle. We rescued her a year ago or should I say she rescued us. The ladies that showed up at our house were absolutely wonderful and caring.

Wendy Lucarelli


Awesome supportive and prompt. Recommend them highly.

Jennifer Simmons-Means

Kind and Considerate

Kind, considerate and professional. I cannot thank these folks enough for helping me get my 115 lb Shepherd /wolf mix to the emergency vet. He was scared and flipping, and they were so compassionate and caring… to me, too, since I was a total mess. They went above and beyond


Angels from Heaven

Squad 51 are like angels from heaven. My female Alaskan Malamute was unable to walk anymore due to having hip displasia and Squad 51 came out to help me get her on a gurney and get her to the hospital. They came out on a really bad snow day which took her over 2.5 hours to drive (normally 45-60 minutes). I must of called over 10 different vet clinics and Squad 51 was the only one to come through. Thank you so much for your help.

George Dyriw

Thank You for All You Do

We called them today for our dog, Jack, and they showed up quick, saw what was happening, got him in and got him to the emergency vet even quicker. They also called on their way to the house and again when they dropped him off. My hats off to the professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge of the Squad 51 staff. The receptionist was also so lovely and calming. Thank you for all you do.

Ashleigh Caine

Thank You For Having This Service

I have a 125lb rescue dog who is almost 10 years old. He had surgery on his back leg and needed to be taken back to the vet for physical therapy. I called Squad FiftyOne and they sent someone out to help me load him into my car. She was caring and professional and didn’t miss a beat getting him into the car. Thank you so much for having this service available.

Leigh Dewitt

Wonderful Service

I just wanted to say what a wonderful service you provide. My Denver knew you were really good people! Thank you.

Linda McCoy

Very Happy

I was very happy to learn of your service and will let my friends know about you. Thank you so much for your help in an extremely trying time.

Karen Piwonka

Angel in the Night

An ER doctor at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital said my dog wouldn’t make it to morning. She called Squad 51 and because of Covid, they were not operating 24/7.  However, I also called and Yalanda and even thought they were ‘closed”, she got a team together and by 5 AM my boy was at OSU (Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center) for a chance of survival. I picked him up yesterday at OSU. Was it a freak thing? No one knows for sure what happened. What I do know is he would have died if he would not have made it to OSU. Yalanda was compassionate, knowledgeable and professional! She truly was an Angel! From the bottom of my heart TY to you and your team!

Judy Miller

Forever Indebted

This is Mary Catherine. The owner of the Pomeranian you rescued last night and delivered to Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Copley. I just wanted you to know that Chloe had surgery at noon today and had a stent put into her trachea. The senior surgeon said she would not have made it one more night at the previous hospital. Her lungs need to recover but now that she can get oxygen he expects her to make a full recovery. I could not have done it without you! You are a very special person and I don’t have the words to thank you! I hope you have great comfort knowing the role you play in people’s lives.

God Bless You Yalanda!
Thank you for saving my Chloe!

I will be forever indebted to you!


Mary Catherine Tartara & Chloe

Mary Catherine Tartara

Thank You!

Extremely caring!! Thank you!

Mary Peters

Made Life a Little Easier

Made my life easier. Wonderful with my dog. Very compassionate. Will keep as a contact in my phone and refer to my friends and family!!! Awesome experience. Gave me reassurance during a difficult time knowing my dog was in the best quality of care being transported to emergency room.

Renee Folling

God Bless

I loved the way they cared for my injured dog God bless people in this type of business( R.i.P Leo) you will be truly missed.

Deborah Addey

Thank you for being there for us.

I can not thank Yalanda enough for her caring on 11/21/2019 transporting my beloved 13 Year Old Chocolate Labrador Retriever Isabelle to my vet. I was unable to lift her into my SUV with her having a server case of arthritis in her rear legs along with her having difficulty breathing. Yalanda came to our rescue. Unfortunately during our visit, it was found that Isabelle had cancer which had spread throughout her body and I had to make the decision to put her down that same day. Isabelle gave me her unconditional love for many years and is truly missed. On 11/26/2019 I visited the Animal Protective League in Cleveland and fell in love with a sweet One-Year-Old Female Black Labrador Retriever named Shadow who was flown in from a shelter in Texas. She had become homeless during the storms that swept the state in October. I took a deep breath and made the decision to save her life and help me mend my broken heart. Yalanda had asked me to give her a call after my vet visit and I gave her the bad news. She was very supportive and concerned about me at my grieving the loss of Isabelle. Again I cannot thank her enough for her being so compassionate.
Mr. Robert T. Rafalke & Shadow / Strongsville, Ohio

Robert T. Rafalke

So Thankful

This is a service many have never heard of and would never thought existed. I am so thankful for MedVet in Mentor for turning me on to Squad FiftyOne, they were a life saver when I was unable to lift and transport my sick dog, Luke Duke. They were even there at the end for final service transport. You all are compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable. Thank you all so much; my family is so appreciative of the services you provide.
Tamika Ligon

Prompt and Courteous

Very kind prompt and courteous service. Thanks from our hearts!!


Kind and Compassionate

My dog was dying and I could not get her to a vet on my own to put her out of her suffering. This service was the only place I called that a human answered my call and came as soon as they could to help my poor Addy. They were kind and compassionate. I have recommended them to everyone and told everyone how they came to my poor baby’s call when she needed it most. Thank Squad 51.



The ladies were fantastic and I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.

Beth Seitz

I Am a Fan!

Great service, very personable! I’ll refer you to everyone. I’m a fan…

Garth Woodson

An Angel in the Night!

Thank you, thank you Yalanda for helping to transport my 100 pound lab to the emergency clinic in the middle of the night. My Buckeye was having such a hard time breathing and I was terrified he would struggle so bad and expire right in front of me. Your kind heart and gentle ways helped ease my fears. You picked me up at 3:00 am and traveled quite a distance to do so. Then you had enough compassion to wait for me to give me a ride back home. Unfortunately I had to put my sweet boy down that night. I truly do no know what I would have done without Yalanda and Squad FiftyOne. I will be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness. I truly think God sent me an angel to help me get through this traumatic situation. I highly recommend your service. Thank you again!

Nancy E Kassor

Passion for Animals

The customer service was beyond what I could have imagined. Just the passion she had for animals in general, even with a callback to inquire if we were ok or successful with placing the dog in the vehicle. The advice given was duly noted and for that reason I want to thank Squad 51. You know who you are and your awesome.

Angela N.

Thank you!

Ladies, I’m late with this post. We truly appreciate the loving care you gave in transporting our beloved Topaz to Belvoir Pet Hospital over a week ago. Sadly, she passed away. You ladies made her last moments easier for her, and for us. We cannot thank you enough. God Bless!!!!

Nancy L. Scheumann

Quality Customer Service

Yalanda and Barri, thank you so much for coming to help Turner…it was not a happy ending for him (his heart issues were not fixable and we had to put him down), But your sweetness and helpfulness in the face of being so tired were so appreciated. I hope your business succeeds…it is such a needed service. You are terrific people. I’m sure you’ll make it work.

Best always,


Rosemary M.

A Pleasure Indeed

Yalanda is very nice and a pleasure to know. She’s very professional and business minded!!! I plan to use her service monthly for my Siberian Husky Nem’s laser treatments. I am very pleased indeed!

Debb Jackson-Morgan

A Very Difficult Day

Dear Yalanda,

Two weeks ago on May 6th,  I didn’t know where to turn. My sweet Slate, a 60 pound Labradoodle, was unable to move. He was scheduled to be euthanized by our vet the next day but he had a stroke or ruptured a disc during the night. After contacting MedVet, I told them I would have trouble moving him down two flights of stairs. They suggested your service and I want to express my most sincere gratitude. You and your associate were compassionate and professional. I believe my sweet boy was treated like you would handle your own fur baby. Thank you for being there on a very difficult day.


Carol Kridler

God bless you Yalanda

God bless you Yalanda even though we lost our precious Baby Roo I will never forget your kindness you called the next day to check in on her and sent prayers! I have shared this experience with family and friends to let them know about this amazing service! Bless you and thank you!

Connie Price

A True Blessing

DeJohn Pet Services provides me the gift to be the arch of transition for pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I deal with pet loss every day and in many circumstances, family’s are unable to bring their pet to me and they would like me to take their pet into my care at their home or a veterinary office. when I am unable to pick their pet up myself, I would trust no one else other than Squad FiftyOne. I know their level of professionalism and compassion to the family when taking a pet into their care. My families have expressed to me how “wonderful, caring and compassionate” Yalanda, owner of Squad FiftyOne, and her staff is. When dealing with pet loss, you only want the best to care for your beloved furry family member and having Squad FiftyOne as a partner, is a true blessing. Thank you for all you do for pets and their family’s….Thank you for being you!

Sherri DiPietro


Wonderful service and much needed in our area. I will share and spread the word. This is such an amazing service !!!!

Amy P. Beam
Amy's Adoptables

Service was a Lifesaver

After my American Bulldog accidentally ingested human medication, I found myself in a serious bind. The ASPCA Poison Control telephone line deemed it necessary that I take her to a vet, yet my one-car-family did not have a vehicle at home to get her there. Our vet recommended I call Squad FiftyOne and that became the perfect solution to my scary dilemma! Yalanda was very helpful over the phone in arranging transportation and arrived in a timely manner. After my dog’s appointment, she returned for the drive home in a similar fashion. Her service was a LIFESAVER and without it, I might not have been able to get the medical treatment necessary for my dog, which would have had serious consequences. Thank you, Yalanda & Squad FiftyOne!!!!

Rachel Stolley Gray

We Will Always Be Grateful

Just want to thank you kindly for the oxygen tank last night. Happy to report our kitty made it there because of you! You saved his life since he had to be out of the Lorain clinic by closing time. Thank you so very much; we’ll always be grateful!

Melissa H.

Love and Commitment

The most important part of my experience is the need for someone who understands your love and commitment for your animal(s), especially when there is an emergency. Yalanda provided that and much more. I thought that my first glance at Casper when he was hurt was the worst day of my life, yet I can look back at that period with a smile and breath of fresh air because of the care, the time, the knowledge and compassion were all in sync when I needed it the most. Squad Fifty-One is ONE OF A KIND in Northeast Ohio, and Yolanda and her staff should not just be applauded, but supported both on social media and by word of mouth.
I can assure you I am doing my part. With much gratitude, Robyn, Casper and Mr. Independent!

Robyn Desmond

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