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To Schedule Transport: Call Toll-Free 1.888.510.1152

Next Pet CPR & First Aid Training: June 11th

  • Emergency Transport

    24 hour emergency medical transportation for sick or injured pets

  • Inter-Facility Transport

    Medical transport between veterinary clinics and urgent care or surgical centers

  • Non-Emergency Transport

    Transport to and from veterinary or other medical appointments

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Welcome to VCA Great Lakes Veterinary Specialists. Our hospital is both a specialty referral center for dogs and cats and a 24-hour emergency center. We offer comprehensive care through advanced diagnostics, modern surgical suites, board certified specialists, and the latest technology to give our patients the best possible care available. Our compassionate team of professionals will provide you and your pet the services and support you need when faced with difficult medical decisions.

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  • Aviatra

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi

Squad FiftyOne’s mission is to help save the lives of pets by providing emergency medical services and non-emergency medical services along with transportation to sick or injured animals, to give peace-of-mind to pet owners in a time of undue stress, and to make sure that transportation is never a barrier to medical assistance for any pet.

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Stay in the Know!

Sign up for our Squad FiftyOne Newsletter