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Have you ever wanted a better and more efficient way to connect with your clients after clinic hours?  Have you been looking for an alternative to answering machines or generic phone answering services? There is good news, help has arrived! Introducing VetSquad: After-Hours Teletriage Services. We can help you manage incoming emergency calls after your work day ends.


As an extension of your practice, our veterinary technicians field and triage incoming calls to determine if emergency intervention is needed. We coordinate emergency room referrals or assist in facilitating next-day or tw0-day appointments when emergency care is not warranted. (For next-day/two-day appointments, each practice determines how many slots will be made available). If necessary, we can also dispatch our veterinary ambulance and triage team for in-person triage and transport. And when necessary, there is always licensed D.V.M. available for consultation.


It is important to note that VetSquad personnel will not attempt to establish VCPR with, diagnose or treat patients, nor will we prescribe medications. All calls are recorded and forwarded along with all communications (text, video, photo) and triage assessment & summary notes. We are able to communicate with clients either through our teletriage app powered by TeleVet or clients can call directly to speak with a technician. Both methods allow for text and video chats (landlines excluded).


There is no cost to the practice and nothing to set up. We charge the client directly though a secure portal for each call. The clinic is provided with printed information about the service to share with clients. 


Why choose VetSquad?

Medical issues that arise after closing can be extremely stressful and even frightening for pet parents. Their only options for help are either an emergency clinic or “Dr. Google.” VetSquad provides peace of mind to pet owners in knowing that there is an intermediary that can provide help and guidance when needed.


Additionally, approximately 70% of after-hour calls are non-emergent. When these cases are seen in the ER, they are missed revenue opportunities for your practice. Creating next-day or two-day appointments not only better serves your patients and clients, it also allows you to capture revenue that would have otherwise been lost. 


To learn more about how VetSquad can assist your practice or to sign up, contact us at or call 216.375.8294.


Click below to download our information sheet:

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