MWD: The Dogs of War Donation Drive

MWD: The Dogs of War Donation Drive

November kicks off our annual donation drive on behalf the U.S. War Dogs Association.

Dogs, along with their volunteer handlers, trained in teams as scouts, trackers, sentry, mine/booby-trap/tunnel and water detection of hostile forces. Dogs were used in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Today all branches of our Armed Forces are utilizing Military Patrol Dogs specializing in Drug and Bomb detection. There are approximately 2800-3000 of these canines stationed around the world with their Handlers. They are being used to patrol Air Bases, Military Compounds, Ammunition Depots, Military Check Points, Leading Patrols and clearing Minefields.They are guarding and protecting our Military Personnel as they were trained to do with Courage, Loyalty and Honor.

Since 2002, the US War Dogs Association has been collecting and assembling care packages for dogs and their handlers and Squad FiftyOne is proud to be a part of these efforts.

Items needed include K9 grooming supplies, flea/tick treatment, treats, doggles, beds, etc., along with supplies for handlers such as personal hygiene items and non-perishable foods. We will be collecting donations items through December 31st. Click here to download a complete list of requested items. For the nearest drop off location or to arrange free pickup, please call 1.888.510.1152 or email us at

MWD Donation Items

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